FITNESS * Red Fruits Relaunch

Fitness launched the new Fitness Strawberry & Red Fruits in the UAE, that is also one of the key markets. Point of Sale Materials where developed to support this launch. The main objective was to recruit non-users to the category to address the taste barrier. Executional Mandatories: The primary message/visual is to touch upon the taste platform by making the new flavour launch look so appetizing that the consumer would not want to mis picking it up from the shelf. The secondary message is to associate the brand with the weiht loss proposition and not only about the taste. The new hot news from Fitness brand need to come out strong. The product/ taste visual cues are key highlighting the new flavour. The brand assers to be concidered through the creative conceptualization. The message needs to consider both the new flavour as well as the key brand proposition of wieght loss. Agency: Fortune Promoseven, Dubai This project is copyrighted by Nestlé and the Agency. 2012

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